10 millionth .uk registration

The 10 millionth .uk web address has been registered this week, a major milestone for the domain name and its owners, registration firm Nominet.

The address has been registered by the founder of Hampshire-based firm SN Technologies, Steven Northam, for a new photography publication, Swarve Magazine. Swarvemagazine.co.uk becoming the 10 millionth registration shows both the importance of the .uk domain name, as well as its impressive growth over the past 15 years.

Nominet first took on .uk back in 1996, when there were just 26,000 .uk sites, and chief executive of the registration firm Lesley Cowley said that over the past few years, the company has enjoyed growth of around ten per cent.

Commenting on the registration she said: “It shows the very healthy growth of the UK internet – lots of new businesses getting online and buying what is often their first domain name.”

Having a .uk domain is ideal for many firms as it allows them to specifically target UK-based customers. As well as this, .uk is widely used by reputable and reliable companies, newspapers and other online firms, so it brings with it a feeling of trust.

Cowley echoed these thoughts and commented that “.uk is a prestigious address that people admire, respect and trust all over the world, and individuals and organisations of all shapes and sizes have recognised this”.

.uk is a “fantastic place to be” online, she added.

Research published by Nominet in 2009 showed that 77 per cent of British consumers prefer to use a .uk domain than a .com when browsing the web, showing just how much the domain is trusted among those who use the net to buy and consume products.

Website team manager at Add People Ash Singh said that the 10 millionth site registration is “excellent news” for any firm with an online presence.

“This milestone will boost confidence in the .uk domain and increase trust in internet businesses. Having a .uk domain is useful for firms in terms of SEO and this 10 millionth registration highlights that the popularity of the domain is going to remain at a peak for a long time”.