Kick-Start Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Search engine algorithms never sleep and are updated so often that sometimes it can be hard to keep up however we believe a solid content marketing strategy should hold you in good stead.

It is no secret that Google loves fresh content and that it can help improve your Page Rank but it is important to remember that content is not just for search engines! Providing high quality content to consumers can help generate leads, create awareness and add value to your brand. Here, we have listed 5 ways you can kick-start your content marketing strategy.

Blogging is best

This is the easiest and cheapest way to start producing content. Blogging regularly will build trust and inspire consumers to keep coming back to your website plus strengthen your amour against search engine algorithms.

Subscribe and you shall receive

Newsletters are a great addition to any content marketing strategy and don’t have to be difficult to create. Simply adding a subscribe option to your blog page will give visitors the opportunity to sign up to your informative newsletter! Developing a template which you can simply alter and adjust each month with hot industry topics and company news should keep your readers satisfied.

Shout about your success

Adding case studies and testimonials are a great way off adding content to your website whilst also showcasing your success stories. Use case studies to demonstrate how your products or services have worked for your customers and shout about the results achieved. Why not offer rewards or discounts to clients who are happy to write positive testimonials!

Let’s get visual

Creating web videos is a dynamic and imaginative way of offering content to consumers whilst also having a sizable SEO benefit as web videos often appear at the top of the search results. Engaging web videos can help your brand stay in the mind of the consumer and increase the likelihood of a sale. Videos that are topical, demonstrational or tutorial tend to hold the most value for consumers.

Add knowledge to your content

Sharing your industry knowledge and experience in the form of a webinar, presentation or eBook can often be the recipe for success and drastically improve your inbound lead generation targets.

Business owners should allocate time to focus solely on their content marketing effort as the more content produced, the more visible and trusted your business will become.