Increasing Conversion

A/B testing is important for any website but is particularly important for ecommerce websites as the goal of an ecommerce website is a direct sale as opposed to a download, enquiry or telephone call.

There are loads of ways to experiment with any website but in particular, ecommerce websites have loads of different variables to consider such as, images, pricing, reviews, categories etc.  Ecommerce websites can measure how effective any changes are by looking for improvements in revenue.

Any business owner with an ecommerce website should try some form of A/B testing as the return on investment that can be gained by doing this is enormous.  For website owners without an ecommerce website, there are many ways to improve your websites performance in terms of conversion.

Below are two key areas to consider for effective A/B testing for ecommercewebsites:

Test 1

Call to Action button size and colour

Could be “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart” etc, this is probably THE most important button on an ecommerce website, which makes it one of the most important areas to test. There are lots of reasons that your call to action might not be working as well as you think it should.

Does you call to action button stand out? Bigger and brighter buttons as a rule work better.

Which button captures your attention?

Big companies such as Amazon and Ebay have done loads of A/B testing and there are case studies available showing that by changing the colour of a “buy now” or “add to cart” you can increase conversions by up to 50%

Call to Action button, position or placement

If you walked into a shop, a salesperson would normally be on hand to help you, they could advise you if the item is in a sale, how much you would be saving by purchasing the item today, they might also let you know what other people thought about the product you were considering.

Why not consider putting this information in your buy box?  Ensure that your “buy now” button is in a prominent position for users that just want to purchase quickly but consider other users that want to consider purchasing in more depth.  Creating an efficient buy box could really help to improve conversion.  Take a look on amazon, they let you know if a product is in stock, give a star rating based on customer reviews and tell you how much you will be saving from the recommended retail price, all on one page!

Call to Action button text

Why not try creating a sense of urgency on your buy now button, ie “ Buy Now £10 for 24 hours” on different products to see if your conversion increases

Test 2

Pricing, Discounts and Delivery

Testing the pricing on your website can seem daunting and risky, however testing pricing can give you valuable insight to the behaviour of your users.

There are lots of small and big tests you can try, one easy less risky test is ending your prices with .99 .95 etc, this is a common tactic that has been around for over a hundred years yet it is still effective.  Apparently because users read from left to right it is the first digit of the price that sticks, this is why consumers are more likely to by something for £4.99 than £5.00.

Test out your delivery options, users might want to see “FREE delivery”, other users may need a product quickly and respond to “NEXT DAY delivery” try both to see which works best.