Add People In The Top 10 Agencies In Google’s Grow Local Challenge

(Image source: Google)

When Google announced that we were in the top 10 Google Partner Agencies for all of our hard work championing their Grow Local challenge we were absolutely over the moon; all our hard work had paid off!

To give you a bit of background info, Grow Local is an initiative that Google came up with to encourage Google Partner agencies like us to work with local businesses to help them to grow and succeed online. Of course we jumped onboard with a great deal of enthusiasm as the initiative is the perfect match for our business as we’ve been committed to helping, small and medium sized businesses from the start; it’s what we do best.

The initiative was launched in late 2014 and we received a fantastic hamper full of goodies from the team at Google about a month ago to let us know that not only were we in the top 50 achievers, but we’d made the top 10 too! Not one to celebrate by halves, Google then also invited us and the other top 50 agencies to a party they were hosting to celebrate the success of the challenge and all the hard work that we’d put in!

The Grow Local Garden Party took place on Thursday 23rd April between 4pm and 11pm at the Barbican Centre Function Room and Botanical Gardens in London.

Representing us were Rachel Rowley, one of our PPC Account Managers; and Graeme Browne from our team of Digital Marketing Adviser team.


The lucky pair were greeted with a champagne reception before being treated to a fun-filled evening of inspiring talks, activities, food and drinks (I’ve heard the lychee martinis were a big hit!)

The evening begun with a couple of exhilarating talks about embracing change and the future of marketing, delivered by Chris Kreinczes, Editor and Creative Director of online magazine Springwise; and Duncan Watts, Industry Manager at Google. Just some of the topics covered included touch-screen shop shelves in South Korea and the future of Google contact lenses (?!) A sign of some very exciting developments to look forward to in the digital marketing world!


(Image source: Google)

After the talks everyone entered the ‘Grow Local World’ which was filled with stalls enticing guests to take part in fun, quirky activities including hook-a-duck, gardening, extreme garnishing, cocktail making and tin can and radish bowling to name just a few! In true Google style the venue was decorated spectacularly and there were even actors in costumes mingling with the guests.


(Image source: Google)

Google had made a huge sign with each agency’s name on which Rachel and Graeme bravely carried with them whilst navigating the London transport system in order to bring it back to the office. Mission Acquire Impressive Google Souvenir = Complete.


Although the Grow Local Challenge has come to a close, you can rest assured that we’ll continue to champion the Grow Local values by helping small businesses achieve great things in this rapidly changing digital world.