SEO Update – SME’s must deal with content issues

Add People SEO customers who read our initial site appraisal are not only getting their strategy started on the right track, but also benefit from a host of technical advice within our customer action plan, highlighting the need to take action on any poor quality content, whether it’s keyword stuffing or duplication to name but two.

These issues are a particular challenge as small business owners are often unaware of quite how badly their search engine performance is affected by them.

Keyword stuffing is a completely outdated way to try and fool the search engines into thinking a page is more relevant, and duplication of content has always been a negative, yet a minority of SME’s continue to have either keyword stuffed pages, hidden text and/or copied content within their websites.

There are lots of ways to ‘stuff’ keywords on a page to try and manipulate the search engines, but this can result in content that is not useful to the user and is really bad SEO practice. It will negatively affect rankings and offset the benefit of adopting good SEO practice elsewhere.

Keywords listed on a page, hidden behind an image, linking from the footer are all considered to contribute to an untrustworthy website. Some site owners have hidden keyword stuffed content by making the font the same colour as the background; others are using increasingly technical methods to hide spam content. Such practices will eventually end in negative SEO results.

Duplicated content is not an uncommon issue and arguably more understandable. In the absence of knowing the consequences it’s all too easy to copy someone else’s well written content and display it on your website, or copy some of your own either from an old version of your site or another page from your present one.

Unfortunately Google really doesn’t take kindly to such plagiarism and are in the process of hammering websites who are guilty of this.

Search Engines today want to display the best, most useful results to a user when they type in a search query and good quality search results mean that content within any of the websites they display should be excellent.

It has become imperative for SEO’s working with small businesses to understand the value of good quality content, applying strategies that are search engine compliant, and for SME’s to seek expert advice, take the time to implement changes and having the patience to wait for the improvements to come.