AddPeople Launch Low-Cost Video SEO Service

We have recently launched a new a low cost ‘video SEO’ service for small and medium sized businesses looking to take advantage of changes in the way pages are ranked by search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Video SEO is a fast growing tactic to get better rankings for businesses.  Video content is being rewarded by the search engines with higher positions on the results pages. This means that companies can rank quite easily and quickly for keyword phrases they want to target. It’s a cost effective way of driving traffic to a website and growing brand awareness.

Five key reasons why video SEO is succeeding:

1)      Users like video content

2)      Videos increase the ‘dwell time’ of people on your site

3)      Search engines are blending video alongside images and text in their search results

4)      YouTube, the video sharing site, is now the fastest growing search engine in the world

5)       Video can easily be seeded in multiple places online, increasing exposure for your business

We’ve seen traffic increase to websites ranging from 300 per cent up to 1600 per cent. For small and medium sized businesses it’s a major shift that enables them to rank alongside larger competitors in the same market for a fraction of the cost.

See for examples of video SEO and contact our team to see how your business could benefit from this service.