Google Adwords Advert Content

Further to the previous post, it is worth mentioning that content should follow through from Google Adwords advert to site. It is pointless have 25% off sale, buy online now in the advert if there is no mention of it on the site. If the message follows through from Google advert to the website the customer should see a sucinct message increasing the chance of contact or purchase.

Another technique google promote is dynamic keyword insertion or DKI. What this does is place the search query into the advert to make the advert stand out.

An example of this would be a headline “{KeyWord:Buy Clothes Online}”. Many people get confused using this and I will try to explain. The {KeyWord:} section basically puts what you type into google into where the text should be. So if you type in “buy a jumper” the headline will read “buy a jumper”. The capital K means that the first word in the search query will start with a capital letter. The capital W means all other words in the query will also start with capitals. What follow the KeyWord: i.e. “buy clothes online” is the default. This will show if the search keyed in is over 25 characters if in the headline or if it goes over the character limits if put elsewhere.

I would advise trialling DKI in your advert titles. Although with some queries you may think it might not make sense it will show up bold in google and will show what the person typed in. The whole of Google’s 1st page highlights any of the words that are in the keyword query so having what they have typed in in your headline should in theory help your advert stand out on the page. You can also trial DKI in your descriptions e.g. “Buy {KeyWord:Clothes} at Low Prices”. However, remember that broad match can bring up some funny queries or the grammer may not be 100% e.g. if “cardigan” is typed in it would read “Buy Cardigan at Low Prices”.

Capitalisation is another thing that can help your adverts.

{KeyWord:Buy Clothes Online}
Wide Range Of Designer Clothing
At Low Prices. Order Online Now!

looks better than:

{KeyWord:buy clothes online}
wide range of designer clothing
at low prices. order online now!

It is obviously up to you how you test capitalisation but it is another thing to bear in mind.

Test, test, test is the key to finding the best adverts. Looks at which adverts are getting the best click through rates and cost per conversions and use to statistics to improve your campaigns. Remember what you think works may not actually be the best message for people using Google.