Avoid These 9 Fails And Become An AdWords Ninja!

Did you know that small businesses are wasting 25% of their PPC spends on missed opportunities as a result of bad management?

Here at Add People we have reviewed hundreds (no thousands!) of AdWords campaigns to make sure our clients are making the most of their PPC marketing budget and unfortunately we spot the same mistakes time and time again.

So here’s the top 9 mistakes we come across that can lead to a poor performing AdWords campaign.

Get the Best Keyword Matches

There are four types of keywords; broad match, broad match modifier, phrase and exact match.

We generally advise small businesses to avoid broad match keywords. Why? Most SME’s operate in quite specialist niches and broad matching leaves you susceptible to be found on searches of tenuous relevancy to your business, which of course can eat your Google budget very quickly!

We recommend focusing on broad match modifier, phrase and exact match keywords as they provide a greater degree of control over the precise phrases you appear on Google for, meaning greater relevancy and efficiency.

So know your niche and take the time to find more precise keyword phrases for your business, it’ll be more profitable in the long run. Simples! Tweet This

Take Positive Action on Negative Keywords

All too often we see AdWords campaigns that don’t exclude “negative” keywords.

These are highly useful in weeding out keywords and phrases that get searched a lot which don’t fit with your business.

For example, if you offer a luxury product or service you may want to avoid being seen on searches with commonly used prefixes like “cheap”. By adding this as a negative keyword you ensure you’re not seen by the bargain seekers, and focus your budget on those online searchers who are not price driven and prepared to pay a premium for quality.

Are You Thinking Local Enough?

Unless you are a global business and want to target your ads internationally then you need to use some geographical targeting.  You don’t want your ads to appear in searches in Johannesburg if you are offering services in Manchester now, do you?

Using geographical targeting allows you to focus your ads on users within reach. Know your location limits so that your clicks are relevant to your audience.

Make Your Ads Relevant, Clear and Clickable!

It can be difficult to write attractive, interesting and engaging ads when you only have 95 characters to work with, but you do need to grab your Google searchers attention.

The foundations for successful Google ads are laid in getting the search keywords into your ad, providing immediate visible association with the visitors mind process. So we always recommend segmenting your Ad Groups by product type so you can better target your messages based on the search term used.

Then make sure that your ads offer something that sets you apart from your competitors whether it’s a low price, special offer or offer something for free. Test some variations and work to improve your messages; plus there’s no shame in drawing inspiration from some competitors!

Make Each Click Count

This is a biggie – did you know that 44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to a business homepage? This may not sound like a fail but you need to consider that homepages by nature will be fairly generic.

So if your visitor has clicked on your ad offering a free quote or some other incentive related to a specific product, you really don’t want them to have to look hard for it when they hit your site!

By channeling your paid traffic through a well designed product page or landing page with a clear, easy to complete contact form and a strong call-to-action that’s consistent with your ad you’ll harvest more lead conversions for your money.

Get to Grips with Mobile PPC

I’m sure you are sick of us harping on about it but believe us the mobile revolution is really too big to ignore.

Put simply, if you’re not mobile friendly (and by that I mean either your website or your AdWords campaign) you’re missing out on business to a greater or lesser degree.

And it’s only going to get greater this year.

So here’s a quick win! Mobile call extensions can improve your click-through-rate by up to 10%. How? Mobile users are much more likely to click and call your business when searching on their phone.

Only 20% of Adwords users have set up mobile preferred ads so make your number clickable and don’t forget to answer when it rings!

Quality Points Make Prizes…

There’s lots of AdWords metrics to keep an eye on but one that often gets overlooked is the Quality Score; all the more surprising given a poor score kicks you directly in the pocket!

“The Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords and landing page are to a person seeing your ad.” – Google

Your quality score is determined by a number of factors which ultimately affect the amount you need to bid. Google rewards relevancy, so the biggest single indicator Google uses will be your click thru rate for each phrase.

We suggest giving your AdWords campaign a regular clean-up and either remove keywords that are getting low click thru rates or test some copy variations to try and increase the attractiveness of your ads.

Getting your click thru rate up and ensuring your user journey is easy and relevant will help your quality score; meaning you pay less to be seen on Google!

Don’t Fly Blind

If you haven’t got analytics installed go do it now – this minute!

All too often we come across small businesses who measure their investment by “gut feel” alone. Put simply, without analytics you won’t be able to find and rectify the areas of your marketing spend that can be improved.

It’s the internet marketing equivalent of flying wearing a blind fold with the auto pilot turned off.

Use AdWords Every Month!

It’s amazing how many SME’s set up an AdWords campaign and then don’t find the time to check it.

AdWords accounts don’t just run themselves; they require monitoring and adjusting in order for them to succeed. Not checking your investment could effectively mean throwing good money after bad.

We recommend logging in and working on your campaign at least once a month so that you can check how your investment is working, apply the above to fine-tune your campaign and get the most from your precious marketing spends.

We Can Help

If you would like Add People’s team of Google accredited professionals to take a look at your current AdWords programme free of charge, please send an email to marketing@addpeople.co.uk or just drop us at tweet @add_people