Behind the Times is NOT Where You Want to Be

As a search optimiser, I see so many bad sites. When I say bad sites, I’m talking about sites that were created ten years ago, in Frontpage, with frames, by someone’s kid, and never changed. Bad sites, boring sites, broken sites…they make me cry.

Once upon a time, a long time ago when we were new to web design, framed sites were all the rage. So were graphics-heavy sites where the design had been sliced and diced and laid out in tables. We didn’t know or care was CSS was, or doctype declarations…we did bad things and we knew not what we did.

Many of those sites are still up and running, and their owners are trying to make a success of businesses based on them. I see it all the time. I can spend two hours trying to unravel a bad site, which is wasted time because there are so many fundamental problems that (simply put) their best bet is to start fresh.

That’s a difficult thing to say to a client, and a hard thing to hear.

Think about it this way – unless you’re eighteen, you shouldn’t be wearing the same clothing that you wore in highschool. You probably don’t have the same hairstyle. You shouldn’t have the same site that you had in 1999.

A fresh start can do wonders for your branding, have a huge effect on conversion, and can make it easy to optimise and update the site. You owe it to your business. Times are tough out there, and there is a lot of competition.

So throw those frames out with your old platforms and aviator sunglasses, and get a shiny new site that search engines, and visitors love. It’s worth the investment.

On second though, hold on to those aviators…they’re back in style. Frames, however, are gone forever.