Bing beats Yahoo

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has moved ahead of Yahoo in explicit core search in the US, new figures released this week have shown.

According to January figures published by comScore, Bing and Yahoo have swapped places in the rankings for explicit core search in the States, with Bing enjoying a search share of 15.2 per cent in January compared to Yahoo’s 14.1 per cent.

Explicit core search is defined as “user engagement with a search service with the intent to retrieve search results” – core search is basically everything else.

The change in dominance is from a combination of a steady rise in the popularity of Bing, which had a share percentage of 15.1 per cent back in December, and the much quicker fall in use of Yahoo, which dropped 0.4 points in just one month.

While these figures may be cause for celebration over at Microsoft, both Bing and Yahoo have a long way to go before they are close to battling the real search engine king. Google’s search engine market share was more than 66 per cent in January according to the comScore report, rising from 65.9 per cent in December 2011.

Broken down this means that out of the 17.8 billion explicit core searches carried out in January, 11.8 billion were made using Google. Bing dealt with some 2.7 billion, with Yahoo sites responsible for 2.5 billion.
Making up the bottom end of the search engine chain were Ask Network and AOL.

Commenting on the news, Digital Trends said: “If the current trend continues, the gap will further widen in Bing’s favour, though one wonders what it must do to make a dent in Google’s seemingly unassailable lead.”