Bing Ads

Do you advertise on Google with a current PPC campaign? Are your target keywords in high competition? Are you looking to increase traffic to your website? Are you interested in expanding into new markets?

Our service for Bing Ads brings you the chance to advertise on other main search engines, Bing and Yahoo. Find out more about what our service offers you below.

What is our Bing Ads service?

With our Bing Ads service, we will analyse all of your website’s data to determine what keywords are most relevant to you. That way, we can guarantee you maximum benefit from advertising on Bing and Yahoo.


“But what are those benefits?”, we hear you ask! Let us quickly run through how this service can help you and your business…

  • Capture the audience of Bing for target keywords
  • Capture the customer base that use Bing, not Google
  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Less competition so lower cost-per-click
  • £50 Bing voucher

What to expect

45% of the UK’s internet users use Bing. That’s a considerable amount of users, meaning that it could contain a large set of potential customers that are looking for businesses just like you!

For this service, we will take what is working on you Google AdWords account and create a duplicate version on the Bing platform. For the things that don’t seem to be working too well, we’ll work our magic so your campaigns are running efficiently.