Blog Creation

Do you have a blog but no time to update it frequently? Do you want fresh content to post on your social media? Are you looking to increase your online footprint or online exposure?

At Add People, we offer a Blog Creation service that can cure all those worries. With this service, our professional writers can create quality blog content that’s uploaded on a regular basis.

What is our Blog Creation service?

So, our cracking blogging team will produce stunning content for your blog. It will be content that grips your audience, full of interesting and engaging facts, and shows you are up-to-date within your industry.

Our quality blog posts range from 300 to over 2,000 words depending on the time you give us. You can leave it to us to thoroughly research relevant topics, or you can pass on your suggestions for blog posts through your account manager.


Frequently uploading fresh, new content to your blog has a number of benefits, including:

  • Offers you credibility in your field of work
  • Increase online footprint and online exposure
  • Improved organic rankings
  • Provides content for your social media and email marketing
  • Added value for your customers

What do we deliver?

Unique content: Frequently updating your blog with fresh and unique content puts you in a position of authority in the eyes of those reading, showing a deep understanding of the work that you do. Plus, it gives you a great medium to promote new products or services.

Extended blog content: We provide extended blog content as part of an outreach programme. This is where our professional team will spend 6 hours or more writing and outreaching the posts, which has the benefit of more inbound links and sharing.