Press Releases

Are you trying to raise awareness of your business? Do you have any new products or information that your customers should know about? Are you looking for local or national reach?

At Add People, we offer a Press Release Creation service, making it easy for you to get yourself and your news out there to the people that matter most. Find out more below!

What is press release creation?

Press releases focus on a current topic or point of interest, and will be sent out to various news and media outlets.

What we will do is create and distribute a well-written and professionally executed press release for you, conveying specific information or a specific message that you want your customers to hear about.


By sending out quality press releases to relevant news sites, you’ll benefit in a few ways:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased promotion of your products or services
  • Positive impact on your SEO by generating links

What do we deliver?

Firstly, we will discuss with you what it is that you want to release, in order for us to get a full understanding of the topic and how you want us to convey the message.

We will then create the content before distributing the well-formed press released to any preferred and relevant sources within your industry.