Structured Data

Are you an e-commerce business? Are you looking for local business? Is there a particular product you’d like to push? Or perhaps you’ve got a review, video or event that you’d like to promote?

With structured data, it’s possible to promote certain pieces of content, just like these examples, by displaying them in an enhanced format on search engine results page. Find out more below!

What is structured data?

Structured data or schema mark-up is a way of annotating different pieces of content on your site so Google can understand what it is. Whether it’s a product, an event, a recipe or a review, the content will be displayed in a more prominent way using structured code.

What we will do is identify the specific content on your site that would benefit from this enhanced code. We will then ensure that the structured data is set up and installed correctly.


Adding structured data to your site has a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased search rankings
  • New ways to display your website in search engine results
  • Increased local awareness

What do we deliver?

Our team of SEO specialists will make any changes according to your requirements and what your website offers. We will annotate the content and use structured code to promote specific data to be seen by Google’s search engine robots.

We will also test the current data to make sure that we don’t remove any elements of the website that are currently working well for the client.