Website Fixes

Do you have any problems with your website? Does it have issues with duplicate pages, broken forms or site search? Are you aware you need to regularly check if all your links and contact forms are working?

Whilst this might seem a little overwhelming, it’s so important that your website is running smoothly and optimised properly. Our service for website fixes will make sure everything is in working order to ensure you’re getting the most out of your business online. Find out more below.

What do we fix?

A member of our talented SEO technical team will review your website, finding and fixing any issues with the website.

We check and fix any broken links by going through the website to make sure that all internal and external links are working correctly. We will also redirect multiple URLs of the same page onto one single page to benefit your site’s SEO.


By having your website checked and fixed by a professional, you and your business online can benefit in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Improved user experience
  • Corrected links and URLs, benefiting SEO
  • Redirected URLs to avoid issues of duplicate content
  • Avoid discrepancies with search engines

What do we deliver?

Canonicalisation: Search engines don’t like duplicated or copied content, so if a client has multiple URLs connecting to the same page, it can have a negative effect on the site’s SEO. Our team of experts will fix this problem by going through the process of canonicalization. We will redirect all varying URLs to the one page that we deem to be the most successful.

Broken link check and fix: By searching your website, we will check all of the links to see if they are working correctly. Any links that we find don’t work, will be fixed.