Browser Wars

The latest figures to be released by Statcounter suggest that Microsoft Internet Explorer is striking back in the latest round of browser wars with a recent rise in users.

For the past 18 months internet explorer have been losing a large portion of market share as users have been switching to the heavily marketed Google Chrome. The figures that have been released show that between December 2011 and March 2012 Internet Explorers market Share has increased to 53%.

The biggest loser has been Mozilla Firefox with the newest updates not proving as popular with users they have continued to lose market share (now at 20%) and although Google Chrome still sits behind them at 18% it is still an astonishing rise for such a new browser. Especially as it does not yet come as a default browser on most computers. The statistics also showed that Chrome was experiencing a siginifanct spike in traffic from Russia, India and Brazil – all countries with huge populations and if this growth continues it will surely not be too much longer until they are officially in second place.