Chrome Market Share

Google’s Chrome browser saw a drop in desktop market share in the first month of 2012, new figures released this week have shown. According to numbers from Net Market Share, Chrome’s desktop market share fell from 19.11 per cent in December 2011 to 18.94 per cent in January.

Internet Explorer continued to enjoy the largest desktop market share, with its allocation rising from 51.87 per cent in December 2011 to almost 53 per cent last month.

The drop for Chrome is the first fall in desktop market share the browser has seen since its launch, and there could be several explanations.

Most new desktop computers and devices come with Internet Explorer pre installed, and so a fall in the market share of Chrome – and the rise in IE usage over the same time frame – could be attributed to the number of new pieces of equipment which people received over the festive period.

As well as this, Google’s ill-fated and gaff prone Chrome advertising campaign, which saw the search engine break its own rules, has seen the company forced to penalise itself.

Commenting on this, Search Engine Land noted that in recent searches for terms including download web browser, Chrome browser, web browser and Google Chrome, the main Chrome page does not come up in results, which could be down to punishments doled out for running a sponsored blog post campaign.

At the time, the search engine information site commented: “Google, the company that has been fighting against paid links and thin content, seems to be behind a campaign that’s generating both on behalf of its Chrome browser. File this under ‘what were they thinking’.”

Over the years Internet Explorer has battled widely documented security issues and most of those in the tech sector agree that anything is a better alternative – so could Google’s fall from grace just be a blip?

By Kimberley Homer