Could a new Facebook mobile phone be launched very soon?

If the rumours in Silicon Valley are to be believed – then the answer is YES. This week some very strong rumours surfaced suggesting that Facebook currently developing working on very hard on new fully integrated Facebook Mobile Phone.

Although there have been many claims to a ‘Facebook Phones’ before (.i.e. a mobile phone that has a large facebook like button on the front such as the HTC ChaCha). This will be the first smart phone to be developed by Facebook themselves in house. The slightly strange thing about this is that it will use the Google Android operating system.

However, this is a clear indication that Facebook have now recognised the potential of the smart phone as they become ever more popular and are essentially becoming closer and closer to hand held PC’s.  As this smartphone popularity soars over the next few years Facebook to not want to be left in the slipstream of both Google and Apple.

By developing their own fully integrated mobile phone device and platform they will be able to drive more traffic via the Facebook brand and this will ultimately enable them to take a larger share of the lucrative mobile advertising revenue that is becoming available.