Creating content that just needs to be shared

Everybody involved in any aspect of internet marketing is desperate to one day create an amazing piece of content that will be shared by thousands of users by tweeting, Facebook, bookmarking and referring to it on other websites linking back to your brilliant piece of writing.

Writing a piece of content that could go truly viral is difficult and there are some important points to consider.  The content must be engaging, unique, well written and be of good enough quality for people to want to share it.   There are no rules or instructions to follow to make sure that you content does go viral however there are certain things to consider that can really help.

Offer an Answer or Solution to a problem.

Do you have a solution to a common issue?  Start by outlining the problem, then offering a solution.  If a reader has experienced this problem and heeded your advice then they are likely to share this with like minded people.  For instance, the problem could be, or the title of your post could be “How to stop Micromanaging your Team?” or “Coping with Panic attacks”, by giving answers and solutions you are educating and motivating your readers.

Offer an Incentive or advantage.

These posts can be shorter and time critical, for instance “Only one more week left of the September Clearance” or “Find half priced tickets to the theatre this week”, creates a sense of urgency for people to share and visit your content.

Create interesting or controversial content.

Creating interesting or controversial content is probably the most difficult content to write because you either need to portray a topic in a unique new light or offer an opinion that might not necessarily be the most popular one.  This is a tough task for any writer and requires real creativity and resourcefulness.

People often think about something they could write about when they are out and about, it is important to take a note of these thoughts to refer back to at a later date, more often than not, these little gems are forgotten as soon as you get back to your desk or home.

Having an opinion on somebody else’s content is also a way to stir it up; this can create discussion after your post and further discussion in various forums.

Create helpful content directed to your audience.

By providing content that can help your audience you are appealing directly to them and writing specifically for your readers.  Good examples are “How to create your business page on Linked in” or “5 ways to get more customer reviews”.  Formatting your titles in this manner rather than “Setting up a Linked in Business Page” is good because you are appealing to the person using the word “your” making your title stand out.

Make it easy for users to share your content.

Make sure that it is easy for readers to share your content by having the relevant buttons available at the side or the top and bottom of each post.  Users should be able to click on “share” no matter where they are in the article.

Make sure that you have the buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google + 1, Digg, Linkedin are on each of your posts, and there should also be “print” option and an e-mail option available.

Finally, it does help your internet marketing campaign to be an established writer, or an expert in your field, however nobody can become established unless they actually start writing.  Make sure that when you are writing you are not writing in the hope that the content does go viral.  Write for yourself and your readers, keep it interesting and engaging and also very importantly, make is EASY to share.