Do You Need Clicks For An Advert To Work?

Working for a company who manages Google, Bing and Facebook PPC campaigns, I have been asking myself one question more and more: what’s the definition of a successful ad?

Is it the one that gets the highest click through rate?

The one that brings in the biggest deal?

The one that plays the long game and successfully builds up brand awareness?

Ideally, the best one does all three of those things, but you have to get really lucky to create an ad that’s that effective.

The introduction of banner ads, and then the PPC model, has made businesses focus on the mantra that clicks = success (at least for the first stage! The second would then be to convert these leads to sales). But what about brand awareness?

Television advertising has long been a medium that companies spend vast sums of money on. Not just TV, either; magazine, newspaper and radio advertising are pretty expensive, too. With these, there is seldom a direct return on investment: the main purpose is brand awareness.

Facebook ads can offer the best of both worlds. The number of impressions it is possible to generate for your ads, even when targeting quite specifically, is phenomenal. This means that you can create better awareness for your brand. On top of this, people can click on your advert to get taken to your target page, which gives you results you can measure, as well.

There’s a great article I read the other day on that explores the debate over whether the be-all and end-all is clicks.

Their conclusion is that both brand awareness and clicks are important, and I agree. It is great to be able to directly see what sort of return on investment you are getting from your ads, but at the same time you can’t ignore the impact that raising your brand profile can have on your company.