Do You SEO?

SEO is the process of optimising your website content and your link profile in order that your website appears higher in the search engine results pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines. Most websites rely heavily on traffic generated from search results to populate their site because targeted search visitors are typically very responsive and ready to make a purchase, pay for a service, click links, or complete other desirable actions on your website.
Search Engine Algorithms

Search engines like Google and Yahoo use hundreds of different factors to determine which websites should appear at the top of their search results for specific terms. Primarily they will attempt to determine those pages that offer content relevant to the search conducted. Then they will attempt to judge the value of the page’s content before displaying a list of results with the most relevant and the best quality sites at the top of the list.
Obviously, it would be completely impossible for the search engines to do any of this manually and so they use algorithms to determine the relevancy, efficacy, and value of a web page compared to other web pages. These algorithms are used to help formulate the search engine result pages. SEO is the art (or science) of creating or editing a website so that it meets the criteria of what the search engines believe to be a relevant, high quality website.
SEO Techniques

Different SEO companies may employ different techniques in order to proffer you with the best possible results but decent services will look at both your on-page and off-page optimisation. A website should be filled with good quality, keyword optimised (not keyword stuffed) content and keywords should be used in relevant tags and other positions in the page.
Link Building And SEO

SEO also requires effective link building strategies to help develop links from other websites to your own pages. These links should also be keyword optimised and the better the quality of the linking site, in the eyes of the search engines, the greater the benefit they will give to your own site. Combining link building with on-page optimisation can help you rule the search results pages.