@facebook.com email? No thanks!

It’s not been a great month for Facebook has it?

Firstly their IPO left a lot of investors out of pocket (at least for now) with shares trading well below their original $38 price.

Now it seems they’ve scored a public relations own goal by giving us all an “@facebook.com” email address and, well… removing your actual email address from view.

The theory is relatively simple, get people to use a Facebook email address, usurp the existing proxy for your identity on the internet and surreptitiously lock you in to visit Facebook even more frequently than you already do (if that’s possible).

Oh and bolster their ad revenue potential of course.

Now Facebook did announce this change way back in April but it seems most of us didn’t hear that one, and people around the world have been collectively rubbed up the wrong way with Tweeters and bloggers taking to their i-phones and keyboards in equal measure to vent their spleen.

So what has caused this moral outrage? The main issue at stake is one of permission and Facebook blurring the line between what is, in the users mind, their own intellectual property. It’s our life, our timeline, and our email addresses that are posted on Facebook after all? They merely facilitate it, but this is too personal an intrusion, as if they’re acting like some form of omnipotent force intent on entrapping us into a life of online acquiescence…

OK maybe I’ve gone a bit far there but you get the gist.

If you are affected the BBC website offer quick and handy instructions on how to reset your email address. Or you could just admit defeat and accept that we’ll all have to spend even longer on Facebook if the nice people who gave Mr Zuckerberg and co all that cash will ever see it returned with interest.