‘Facebook For Business’ Guide

Facebook has now launched its own Facebook for Business guide, providing clear guidelines on how to use this social media platform for marketing purposes.  The new source is really aimed at business users new to Social Media and all that it has to offer.  For users that have not really considered using social media for business before, this guide offers a variety of Facebook marketing options.

The latest guide shows users how to set up a Facebook page to connect and participate with their audience; this guide gives business owners tips on how to make best use of the options available including hints on photos, apps etc, it also suggests having a clear strategy in place so that a brand new page will meet fans expectations.

Growing a Facebook fan base can seem a daunting task; there are lots of ways to entice fans to a business page.   You can place the “like” button on a website or run sponsored stories or ads to spread the word.  The new latest Facebook for business guide offers loads of help to start your Social Media strategy and to build up a fan base.

Information is given about statistics and how to identify peak times to interact with an audience, business owners can see the performance of a page and which content gets the most reaction, enabling them to interact at the best possible times.

There is loads of information about Facebook ads and stories, identifying goals and audience.  Guidance is offered to design a captivating advert; there are also more statistics to help identify areas of improvement.

With the recent announcement of Google+’s struggle regarding the implementation of business services on their Network, this latest offering shows that Facebook are determined to be the best of the Social Media networks.