Facebook Improves Privacy Options

Facebook are due to rollout new privacy, tagging and share controls this week, which they have apparently been working on for months after considering feedback from users.

Facebook have often been criticised about privacy in relation to content sharing, but is it a coincidence that these changes are coincided with the gradual roll out of Google +?  Google + offers clear, concise privacy and sharing controls with the option to create and manage groups. Facebook’s improvements have now drawn a line under Google +’s argument about having more precise privacy controls, however the groups option has not yet been addressed by Facebook.

Facebook’s latest update has many features and will be supported from Thursday with Videos and FAQ’s to help users look into these changes in more depth.

One of the new changes relates to how people see your profile online, this will allow users to view their profile and see how it could look to specific individuals such as teachers, employers, parents etc.  There is also a more specific option to choose who can see your latest status update, photo’s etc.

Another amendment has been made to how people can tag photo’s or posts.  Previously a horrendous photo of you would be tagged for all to see; now you will receive a notification to give you the option to remove or approve this tag.  The photo will still be on your friend’s feed but it will not show on yours.   Friend will not be able to tag your photos without approval from you and users can now remove tags or request for content to be removed by other users.

There are many more changes relating to new the Facebook privacy updates that will roll out from Thursday.  These changes are definitely for the better and everybody should appreciate them.