Facebook Launches Social Business Tool ‘Work’ To Pilot Test Group

Today Facebook announced the pilot launch of a new social platform called ‘Work’.

Earlier on in the year there were rumours that Facebook was looking to produce a platform to rival LinkedIn, today we’ve gained a little more insight on this potential new product.

What is the vision?
Facebook say they have produced new social network Work to make social media more work-friendly. Employees seen regularly logging into Facebook during work hours may be frowned upon by employees, but the new Work platform aims to benefit businesses by improving workplace communication.  Facebook believes it could even replace traditional workplace emails!

Facebook have been using the Work platform themselves and have gained employee feedback over recent years in order to refine and perfect the product. Today the new service was launched amongst a small group of ‘pilot partners’.

So what does ‘Work’ do?
It is thought that Work will allow businesses to create self-contained social networks for their own employees. Facebook users can either log-in using an existing Facebook account or create a new ID. Everything on the Work network will be kept separate from their personal Facebook profile.

It is reported that the social network will look and function similarly to the Facebook that we all know and love and will use features that we’re familiar with like the news feed, groups, messages and events. All employee information will be kept contained within the Work platform and will not be available to anyone outside of the business’ network.

Facebook has also said that there will not be any advertisements or data tracking on the Work platform to ensure complete confidentiality for business users.

The service will be competing with other popular workplace communication tools from companies like Google, Microsoft, Slack and Yammer. It will be interesting to see how the social media giant measures up in the corporate world.