Facebook’s Graph Search – Do we ‘Like’ it?

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook would be launching an enhanced search feature was, for many, an anti-climax given the media frenzy and fanfare that had been whipped-up.

Facebook’s Graph Search is in essence a new, more advanced, way of mining the activities, information, preferences, likes and dislikes of your Facebook friends, be it what restaurants they recommend, what instrument they’re learning, or which friends of your friends have recently become single!

There have been some tentative suggestions that Facebook’s Graph Search may in time become a potential challenger to Google’s search supremacy, especially given that it’s tied-up with Bing search engine for your beyond-Facebook search needs.

Clearly, given the results it churns out, Facebook’s new feature is playing on the social aspect of search, something which Google can’t currently claim to have perfected – despite persistent attempts to increase participation in its Google+ social media service via an insistence on cross-platform accounts from YouTube and Gmail.

However, whilst Graph Search outshines Google for social searches, in our opinion it doesn’t, come close to Google for everyday searching.  Google has been number one for a long time and is constantly evolving.

Facebook’s Graph Search is an interesting idea, but one which hangs on sustained involvement and a willingness from Facebook users to share their information – certainly not a given. Google needn’t fear Graph Search in the near future, but should probably keep abreast of its progress and perhaps look at new ways of increasing its capacity for social searching, just in case.