Filming in HD with ChromaKey

When making flash-based video clips to be viewed online by anyone from Joe Bloggs to John Smith, there are a few principal questions you have to ask;

How big is the clip going to be? How quickly will it stream on a low connection? Will that background music make me pull my hair out after 300 plays… but one question I answered quickly enough is whether or not we needed HD.

HD, or to put it more simply, at least 720p, is bascially a definition for how many pixels you can squeeze on your screen, or monitor,  in any clip. You’ll notice websites like YouTube offering HD uploading quite commonly now.

Internet browsing is changing for the masses; people are expecting a more IPTV service from their browsing now; sound and video as well as blogs and posts. That’s one of the principal selling points of Addpeople – adding a web presenter to your site gives it an instant Wow Factor.

But its the quality that seals the deal; which is why we film in no lower than 1024i – guaranteeing our clips will be crisp, high quality and blurless  (If blurless is even a word). Don’t even get me started on Tape over solid state, methods of chromakey and flash embedding…actually maybe I’ll just start that in another post.

My next trick is what to do with your 1080 pixels – compress them. That’s right; squash it down into a smaller space – the footage we film is still high quality, just within a smaller aspect ratio. So you are getting HD, just on a smaller scale.

So for the best quality online – film high and compress into the size you need. We film in HD and resize to 400 pixels, giving the viewer high quality on low bandwidth. Don’t get me wrong – size matters – but try telling that to the guy on a 0.5mb connection in south wales, who’s still waiting to watch your fullscreen masterpiece!