Refer a Friend

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£50 for you £50 for your friend!

If you help us spread the Add People word, you can earn yourself £50 for every friend you refer, plus your friend will get an exclusive £50 discount off their set-up fee.

How does it work?

Just tell your friends and business contacts about Add People’s fantastic internet marketing services, and ask them to call us today on 08450 30 44 39 quoting your name and website address. If your friend decides to take a service with us, we will email you to confirm your reward. It’s that simple!

It pays to be popular!

You can refer friends via Linked In, Facebook, Twitter or good old fashioned word of mouth!
Remember, you can claim £50 for every friend you refer, so the more people you tell about us, the more money you can earn.



Claim your £50 discountAnd get £50 for your friend