Generate More Leads Using Social Media

Social media is playing an increasingly more important role in the way we connect with our audience and by 2014, it is expected that 20% of business users will use social networking over email as their primary vehicle for interpersonal communications. We believe that SMEs don’t use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to the full extent of their lead generation potential so we have listed 5 steps to help you get started.

Don’t waste time!

According to Hubspot, B2B companies tend to have the most success with LinkedIn while B2C businesses get more value from Facebook so it is important that you focus your efforts on the right platform in order to avoid wasting valuable time.

Create great content

Sharing killer content with your audience is a great way to create awareness, engage users and grow your following.Generating resourceful blogs, articles and whitepapers will install confidence and show new prospects that you are an expert in your field.

Always use landing pages

It is important to use landing pages when trying to generate leads online as users are much more likely to convert when landing on a specifically designed page. Adding value such as, an eBook or webinar, in exchange for contact information will help increase conversions.

Be careful not to overdo the promotional posts as this may irritate your audience, follow the 80/20 rule. Post 80% helpful and engaging content, and only 20% of the self-promoting stuff!

Build lasting relationships

Social media will hold considerable value for customers but it is also a great way to nurture leads that are not ready to buy just yet. Keeping followers engaged and updated with your latest offers and industry news will help build relationships and hopefully inspire positive action.

Target a new audience with social ads

Advertising on social media platforms can be very effective and gives users the opportunity to target a very specific audience. Facebook lets you narrow down who you want to target by geography, age, sex, education, interests and more! While LinkedIn allows you to target your reach by geography, specific job titles, job function and seniority, industry and company size, and age.

If you are unsure of ways you can improve your social media strategy and you would like speak with an expert, please send an email to or just drop us at tweet @add_people