Getting To Grips with Google+

Google+After having a uncertain start, Google+ is making its mark on the social media landscape and is now the second largest social network in the world, beating off big competitors like Twitter and YouTube.

Now with over 359 million users and a growth of 33% since June 2012, it seems that Google+ is here to stay. In compression, Google+ has got some additional SEO benefits that some of the other major players don’t however Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should still remain an essential part of your social media strategy. With this in mind, we have listed 5 tips to help you get the most value from your Google+ business page.

Optimise Your About Page

Okay so you have set up your Google+ business page, now it is time to get optimising. Unlike any other social network, Google allows users to add anchor text links in the “About” section.

Use this opportunity to give visitors a quick overview of your business and link back to specific pages on your website to help drive more traffic. It is important that you use SEO friendly copy using anchor text links but be careful not to go overboard. Trial and test different links to see what works best, we recommend linking to a contact form!

Optimise Your About Page


Use Your Keywords and Phrases

The first line of every Google+ post is seen as a title tag, just like a web or blog page. Take the time to optimise your posts, use keywords and phrases that you think your customers will be searching for so that your Google+ page can be discovered.

Add +1 Button to Your Website

It is important to integrate social media with your website and Google+ is no different. One of the most important features to consider is the +1 button. A +1 acts like an endorsement from your visitor and shows Google that your content is helpful and engaging. Add a +1 button to your blog and product pages as it could help improve your websites reputation with Google and may even give your page rank a boost!

Target and Engage With Your Audience

Circles are one of the most unique features on Google+ and allow businesses to segment their followers into groups. Businesses can post publically or target specific circles, for example, clients, prospects, influencers etc. This gives you the opportunity to customise your content to cater for different audiences. Why not offer exclusive offers to prospects or upsell promotions to existing clients?

If you provide a service, encourage clients to leave reviews and recommendations on your Google+ page as active pages will rank higher in Google searches.

Share Your Content for Quick Indexing

Just like Facebook and Twitter, search engines will index content quicker if its shared on social media. Google definitely show some biased for their own social network so rather than wait for the Google robots to crawl your website, share your content on Google+!

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