Getting your Business LinkedIn

Linked in is now the largest Professional network online with over 120 million members in over 200 countries with 6 million of these members in the UK, Twitter can be linked to your Linked in profile and is a must for any business performing any form of Social Media Optimisation.

A lot of clients have dabbled in Social Media and have their own individual Linked in profiles but not all of them have a Linked In Business page.  Rather than having employees with links to the business website, business owners really require a Linked in business page with employees associated with that page.

A Linked In Company page is a great way to personalise your business, giving people a chance to have a sneak preview of the people behind your doors making your business tick.  It is also a great way to keep in touch with people within your industry and for individuals to check out your testimonials and latest news.

Any employee can set up a Business page on Linked In as long as they have a valid business e-mail address.  To complete a business page on Linked In click on “More” in the top navigation bar of your Linked in page the click on “add a Company” and follow the instructions.

When your business page is set up you need to ask your employees to associate their Linked In profiles with the company page.   They can do this by accessing their profile and clicking on edit next to the current position at the company.   The more employees that optimise their own profiles, the more productive your Social Media Optimisation will be and the more visible a business will be on Linked In.  Make sure that employee’s profiles are visible to everyone.

If you have news to share, a recent Blog or Industry update ask your employees to post updates on their linked in profiles.   This could potentially make your post visible to thousands of professional people within your employee’s networks.

When you have completed your Company Page on Linked In and your employees are associated with this page, if your employees are associated with lots of other connections, your content will be more visible within Linked in and across the Search Engines.  By sharing your news you are able to communicate with thousands of connections.  By keeping your Linked In up to date and posting relevant interesting news, blogs etc other connections may start linking to, bookmarking and liking your content.