Getting Your Business Started on Twitter

Twitter is useful for promoting your business, building valuable contacts and staying involved and up to date with changes and exciting things within your industry.   It can seem daunting to get online with Twitter and many users give up without really seeing the true benefit.  Don’t give up; some business users have seen a huge return on investment from Twitter but they have all had to put time and effort in at the beginning.

I have compiled a list of tips to help you get started on your Twitter journey, if you are tempted to give up.  Add People can offer tailored Social Media campaigns to suit a range of budgets.

People who don’t really understand Twitter can throw negatives at you, stating that it is a waste of time; it is really time consuming and can open up your business to more online criticism.  I personally don’t believe this and think it is a great Social Media platform to use to promote any online business:

1.       Twitter can break news faster than any other resource

2.       What other tool allows your business  to instantaneously communicate with millions of people

3.       Where else can you gather opinions on current affairs instantly

4.       Twitter allows people to be directed to really good things, promotions, competitions and useful online resources

5.       Conversations about your business can be managed, nobody likes negative comments but at least you have an opportunity to manage them and also respond to positive comments

6.       Twitter brings like minded people together, used well it is a vast source of information that can help users learn from each other

Getting started on Twitter is relatively simple.  The Twitter website contains lots of information including a beginner’s guide which is easy to follow.  Read through this guide and take a look at some starting out tips below:

1.       Create a Twitter account and use this to Search for you and your competitor’s business names, this helps you to see what people are saying about you and your competitors online.

2.       Add a picture to your profile to personalise it as people like to see who they are communicating with.

3.       Join in conversations about other people’s interests in addition to yours to show that you are human

4.       Point out interesting things that are happening within your industry

5.       Share links to interesting things within your industry, add comments and your thoughts on these links

6.       Be helpful and provide useful information to users

7.       Don’t use Twitter purely to sell or promote your business or products

8.       Talk about current news stories

You are now all set up but not sure what to Tweet.  Be yourself and try to engage your users:

1.       Rather than thinking “What am I doing today?” think about “What is grabbing my attention?”

2.       Make sure that your Tweets are useful, provide advice and pictures etc

3.       Ask other people within the business to Tweet, this gives different perspectives and is good if you are on holiday to keep up the momentum

4.       Share the social side of your business again to humanise you

5.       When promoting a Blog, ask questions or tell people what is coming next rather than just linking to posts

6.       Tweet about other people’s material to show you are interested in other things

7.       Follow others that are interesting, have a look who they are following for ideas on who to follow

You are now Tweeting and following other users which means that you now have to actually manage your Twitter:

1.       You don’t have to try and read every single Tweet, if you did you may go mad!

2.       Interact with your users but don’t try and reply to every single Tweet directed at you.

3.       Utilise the search facility to make sure you are monitoring conversations about you and try to join in

4.       Set aside a part of the day to focus on your Social Media, it can easily become all consuming which will not go down well with other members of your business

5.       Make sure that you utilise the shortening tools like TinyURL to help keep your tweets tidy

6.       Comment on other people’s tweets

There is no wrong way to manage Twitter or any form of Social Media, some users may criticise you and others will love you, keep in mind that people don’t have to follow you and that they can choose not to.  Keep up to date with updates etc and look at what other Twitter users are doing for ideas.