Google all set to make sweet music

Last week Google announced that it was going to do battle with Itunes and Amazon with the launch of its new Google Music Store. Google will be putting a lot of effort into promoting their new digital music store as they recognise the ever increasing demand for online music but will clearly need to differentiate themselves from their already well-established rivals.

So what will Google bring to the digital music table?

One of the most exciting features that Google will be offering is the Google+ sharing tool. This feature will allow customers who purchase a song to share it with their friends and family. Unfortunately it is not unlimited and they can only listen to it once. But this is a great way for Google to drive more traffic through its Google + social media platform.

Another exciting feature will be the much talked about ‘Artist Hubs’. Essentially these will be artists own branded page but they will have a feature to sell songs at any price they should wish. This may have some benefits from unsigned bands and musicians who are trying to make some money from their work without being signed to a major record label.

Although it is currently only available in the United States it shouldn’t be too long before it is rolled out across Europe including the UK.