Google Chrome Multitask – April Fool

This weekend saw the return of the famous prank-filled tradition, April Fool’s Day. A good sense of humour is a must for this day to go to plan, and with our favourite search engine Google, always up for playing pranks, Internet users were definitely in for a treat.

One of our favourite pranks for this year’s April Fool’s Day was the Google Chrome Multitask Mode. Users were left baffled when Multitask Mode was announced, which provides users with the ability to browse the web with multiple cursers at the same time. The thinking behind this application is that by using more mice, the ability to get more work done, faster can be achieved. The prank continues by stating that the application can work with as many mice as you can plug in to your computer.

Google has created a short video which demonstrates the application to its full capacity, for example, playing a game with the left hand and drawing pictures with the right. If you click the ‘Try Multitask Mode’ button, you will be greeted with a collection of cursers all moving in various directions, which is pretty confusing! When you click ‘Exit Multitask Mode’, a message is displayed reading ‘April Fools’ and users are made aware that this is all a practical joke.

With many web users figuring the April Fools connection, a considerable number were actually fooled into believing this was actually a new application, with many posting comments on the YouTube video.

I bought a second mouse, and it says “this device is not compatiable with Google Chrome MultiTask Mode” – a waste of money! eerereps

It shuts down your computer, when they get too close? Sorry not buying it.. But brilliantly made!! maxerd2

Take a look at Chrome Multitask Mode for yourself and see if you can handle more than one mouse!