Google Instant Search: Instantly Irritating?

Though I wholeheartedly agree with Liz’s blog about Google Instant’s impact on SEO and PPC – that’s going to be interesting, and probably very challenging! – I’m writing this blog as an internet user, not as a PPC specialist. Not everyone is going to be over the moon with Instant, and I’m one of those people.

My reason is pretty shallow: I like to see the background image on my page while I type in my search query. It’s sort of like having a search engine on my desktop – as long as I’m signed into my Google account, I’ve got a picture of something I’m enthusiastic about to contemplate for a few seconds before I hit the enter key.

Having my search engine jump to a boring white results page after one keystroke is jarring and irritating, especially since after one letter, the results I’m getting are very unlikely to be relevant.

Luckily, there’s a way to turn off Google Instant. Just visit your preferences page, and click the radio button next to ‘do not use Google Instant’. Once you’ve clicked the ‘save preferences’ button at the bottom of the page, you should have disabled this feature.

Thanks, but no thanks, Google!