Google Launches the Knowledge Graph

Its development has been rumoured for some time but Google has now launched its new ‘Knowledge Graph’ Algorithm update. Although initially this has only been rolled out in the USA to begin with it is likely to be shortly rolled out in the UK and the rest of the world.

Google is so excited about this latest addition to its search results as it is another step closer to being not just an information engine but a knowledge engine – a place where you can find direct answers to your search questions.

For example if you go to and type in ‘John Lennon’ you will now see that a very cleanly designed concise box appears on the right hand side of the search results (where you would normally find paid ads). This box compiles the things that most people want to know about him. Such as birthplace, date of birth, list of songs and albums and related such as ‘Yoko Ono’ & ‘Paul McCartney ‘

By becoming more intuitive and adding contextual information such as this to our search will result in a more pleasant search experience (and less of trying to ignore unrelated search results when we failed to include important context clues in the search box originally).

You’re probably wondering what does this mean for my business and my SEO strategy? Well the most obvious thing is that it will probably make it tougher for business to rank for ‘short tail’ key phrases (one or two word key phrases) particularly if they are very generic. For example if you were a business that wanted to be found for the key phrase ‘Big Ben’ because you happened to sell ‘Big Ben’ related products it would be difficult to rank highly because Google would know that most people typing in ‘Big Ben’ as a search query wanted to know about the ‘Houses of Parliament’, ‘London’ & the architects who designed it.

But all is not lost because these types of key phrases are not always the best buying key phrases and buy ensuring that your website has good quality content in relation to long tail – ‘Buying’ Key phrases such as ‘Big Ben Jig Saw Puzzles’ you still have a great chance to appear relevant to the search engines and the end user.