Google Loves Mobile and You Should Too

Responsive Web DesignIt is no secret that mobile web use is booming! Business owners need to move quickly to mobile proof their website otherwise they will be left out in the cold by mobile users…and Google.

In a number of recent Google webmaster blogs, it seems that business owners who offer a poor mobile experience online will see a drop in their mobile page rank!

Responsive is the best way to go

Last year Google listed three ways to build mobile friendly websites with responsive web design holding their strongest recommendation.  Using this technique means that you only have to build one version of your website and visitors will receive one seamless website experience whether browsing from a PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet.

Responsive design doesn’t just look good, it makes good SEO sense too. Businesses who build stand-alone mobile versions of their websites will essential have to do SEO on two websites rather than just one!

Mobile apps just won’t do…..

Some website automatically redirect users to download an application when browsing on a mobile, this practice is frowned upon by Google as mobile apps can’t be indexed. They recommend companies use app banners instead of disrupting the user’s mobile web experience.

Google rank mobile friendly website higher

In a recent webmaster blog, Google speaks about improving websites so that mobile users “experience the full richness of the web” and explain how to fix common mobile web design mistakes such as faulty redirects. Google states “We plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users.”

Google are taking the mobile movement very seriously and so they should, mobile search has grown 500% since 2010 and even Matt Cutts has cautioned “Mobile matters, and it will matter a lot faster than people realize”.

Google have made one thing clear, they are serious about improving the web experience for smartphone users and it seems responsive websites will be ranking above the rest when searching on a mobile device.

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