Google Monopoly

The recently launched Bing service from MSN and Wolfram Alpha have shown there are still people pushing for Google’s market in search engines. I think though that  Bings homepage looks suspiciously clean like Google’s. In recent times Yahoo has moved away from being and marketing itself as a search engine to become more of a portal based interface providing news, forums and other services such as mini sites – for example its link to the 20/20 Cricket World Cup.

If you search something in Bing it is pretty much MSNs old search platform and it just looks like Bing is almost a splash page for it. Google are so good at updating products, gaining acquisitions and staying ahead it is almost impossible to challenge it. With its “search partners” it pretty much rules the roost on search engines so will anyone ever overtake?

Things like Wolfram Alpha may be able to pinch a tiny bit of market space such as when equations and calculations are needed but the only way I can see google being challenged is in the development of search.

Where Friends Reunited missed out, MySpace and now Facebook have certainly profited by developing and going further with what was a good idea. It will take that kind of siesmic shift if Google is ever to be replaced or challenged properly.