Google Pagerank (and how to increase yours)

Most people are aware of the algorithm that Google uses in assigning Pagerank. Basically, it works a lot like high school popularity, as a recent article said. (Go read it, we’ll wait. It’s both funny and true.) Pagerank is based on the links that outside sites send to content on your site. Each link acts as a vote, so the more votes, the more “popular” you are and the better your Pagerank is. The trick to it is (again, just like in high school) those votes need to be from the cool kids. The links to your site need to be from trusted sites themselves, with good Pagerank of their own. And that is a tough thing to build.

“PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results. PageRank also considers the importance of each page that casts a vote, as votes from some pages are considered to have greater value, thus giving the linked page greater value. We have always taken a pragmatic approach to help improve search quality and create useful products, and our technology uses the collective intelligence of the web to determine a page’s importance.”

So, how can you become one of the cool kids?  As in life, you do it by being interesting. Sites that generate great content that others want to link to (sometimes referred to as “link bait”) have it easy. It’s part of what we at Add People are trying to do with our articles – including the post that you are presently reading. Content needs to be fresh, informative and relevant. It’s not an easy thing to do at all, especially for small sites that may only have a couple of people who are capable of writing content. You may not consider yourself to be much of a writer (I certainly don’t today, as I am struggling with this post!), but if you have an online business you’re an expert in something. If you aren’t, that may point out other problems in your business. Write about what you know. If you’re excited about it, I guarantee you that others will get excited about it as well. Writing about your business, or your products, provides extra information for your customers – and the subject will be relevant to your business, and to the search terms that you’re trying to rank for.

Another trait popular people, or popular sites have is the ability to network. Make the “friends” that you would like to have – approach those sites that you admire and ask for a link. Like the guy who asks a hundred women out on the off-chance that one will say yes, what do you have to lose?  You will learn as much from your rejections as you will from your acceptances. Does your site not relate well enough to the focus of their site? Is your content not worth linking to? That is a fixable problem. You can ask for reviews of one of your products, or offer a trusted site the opportunity to showcase a special deal for their readers only.

Like anything, it takes work. As I said, with the launch of our new site, and our first ever articles, we’re doing the same thing here. It takes time, and patience, and networking…and a lot of hard work.