Google set to launch new ‘Freshness’ Algorithm update

Hold onto your SEO hats because no sooner has the dust started to settle on Google’s much talked about “Panda“ update; that rumours are now rife that Google is about to launch a further change to its algorithm. This latest incarnation however will not be targeting content, but instead will be focusing on ‘freshness’.

Google will be paying a lot of close attention to websites that have regularly updated content, such as hot topics or latest news and trends. This is going to involve even more emphasis on making sure that your website is updated with fresh, unique content on a frequent basis – whether that is via your blog or a latest news articles onto the website. This also means that website owners will need to really focus on trying to stay ahead of the curve within their respective industries.

This very much seems like a further response by Google to the growing popularity of social media platforms such as Twitter & Facebook, where latest news and information is shared at a mind boggling rate. With the launch of Google+ and this latest algorithm update due to hit anytime soon, it appears that Google is keen for its search results to stay as up to date and as relevant as possible, in a concerted effort to not lose traffic to websites like twitter.

As ever with Google when the latest update will exactly hit is somewhat shrouded in mystery but it is rumoured that it is going to affect around 35% of websites and as with the ‘panda’ update this latest algorithm change will make the next few months of the SEO Landscape very interesting indeed.