Google Update

You may have read that Google recently updated their algorithms which, in turn, could affect the position your website will appear within the search engine results pages.

Like all internet marketing agencies who offer SEO services, we are starting to see the effects of this particular update and how it will affect our customers’ Google ranking positions. This blog sets out to explain these changes as simply as possible.

It All Started With A Panda…

In 2011 Google released the “Panda” update, but there was nothing soft and furry about it! The objective of the Panda update is to promote good quality fresh content on websites and high quality, manually submitted, link building techniques.

As a continuation of this process, Google are now targeting “unnatural” links to websites which mainly originate from “thin” blog sites and automated blog networks.

How Unnatural Links Work

“Thin” blog sites and link building networks effectively operate with no particular theme.

So, for example, if you visited a site like you could see a blog post about alloy wheels followed by a post about fitness equipment. The point being the two are not directly relevant to each other but are posted purely for SEO purposes.

Utilising these sources has been an effective, and by Google’s rules, perfectly legitimate way to bolster Natural Search Rankings in the past. However, the latest changes to Google’s algorithm is targeting these sources and penalising websites that have previously bolstered their ranking this way.

Communication from Google

Google has released a blog detailing more information on their latest updates. You will note they refer to a number of “black hat” techniques which violate their quality guidelines such as keyword stuffing, links to spammers, reciprocal links – activities which Add People do not recommend.

Google are also notifying people who will be affected by these algorithm changes via their Google Webmaster Tool account. The message appears like so:

We’re Here to Help

Add People do not recommend using these automated link building strategies or other black hat SEO techniques.

However, if you have used an SEO agency that has used them (and there are many that will) or built links yourself utilising systems such as you could be adversely affected by this latest update.

If you are having issues with your ranking we strongly recommend you contact us on 0845304444 or email Our in-house team of SEO experts are here to help and can offer you impartial advice specific to your individual circumstances.