Google Valentine’s Day Search

Most of us probably wonder how we ever coped without our smartphones at least ten times a day, whether after being able to access an important phone number to make a vital call, check our bank balance before making a purchase or scan a QR code to get a discount when eating out, but it also seems that our friends across the pond need their devices to keep their love lives on track.

Figures released by Google have shown that on Valentine’s Day, 62 per cent of all searches for “popular national chain restaurants” were carried out on mobile devices. The search engine giant described this figure as “whopping” and it certainly highlights the importance of having a mobile optimised website available for your customers to browse.

In a blog post, Google said: “These trends around restaurant related searches make sense when we think about the unique properties of our phones and how we use them in our daily lives – they are in our pockets and at our fingertips in that last minute frenzy; they are location aware, and they can, though we sometimes forget these days, make phone calls!”

Between February 7th and the big day itself, mobile searches for these restaurants grew by a phenomenal 359 per cent, compared to 142 per cent on desktop and 135 per cent on tablets, once again showing how modern internet users access their information and how vital a mobile focus is for any firm.

The search engine did not release any figures for other nations, but it is a surefire bet that in the few days leading up to Valentine’s Day, UK smartphone users will have been glued to their devices to arrange last minute flower deliveries and book the last remaining table in the best restaurant around.

So, how did you go about organising your Valentine’s Day celebrations and did your smartphone help you stay out of the doghouse with your better half?