How can “Google Freshness” help my website become more visible?

Google rolled out its Caffeine update in November 2009, this update meant that any content crawled by the Google Robots would be instantly searchable; meaning content became available to searchers more quickly than before.

Following on from this update, Google has now rolled out “Google Freshness” that is said to affect up to 35 percent of queries.  This does not necessarily mean that all keywords are affected by this update; so far, it seems this update relates to date related queries e.g real time football scores, TV programmes, election results or events.

What this means is if you type in the keyword “Manchester United”, you can see that the top result is now the premier league website.  This latest result shows the next game against Bolton and the last game played which incidentally happened to be against Manchester City (where we won 2-3, but that is besides the point).  The point is that the top result shows the latest information about Manchester United.

This is “Google Freshness”, Google wants to show the best results for users and feel that users typing in Manchester United are looking for the latest scores or fixtures or news.

This means that if you blog about a recent programme on TV or a football team, you would need to then blog about every single show or game after to ensure you stay top.

It is rumoured that since Google now crawls Social websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google +, it can see from various Social signals what content users are sharing and are genuinely interested in.  The RSS feed is also useful in helping Search Engines determine which content is the freshest from a website.

How can this work for your website?

It doesn’t matter, the size of your website, creating fresh new, unique and engaging content will help.  “Freshness” has increased the value of having a Blog on your website and also increased the value of RSS feeds.  Blogs have always been useful but now they are more useful than ever. Adding a blog could mean that your website is indexed quicker than ever and by placing anchor text within your Blog to other pages in your website, you are making yourself more visible than ever!