How Can Social Bookmarking Help Your Online Marketing Strategy

Of all the different methods of link building, social bookmarking is perhaps one of the least understood and the one that most people struggle to understand. But social bookmarking should certainly not be overlooked when it comes to devising your link building strategy.

Have you ever liked a website so much that you couldn’t wait to tell your friends and family about it? So you sent them a link so that they could see it too? Or has a website proved to be such an invaluable resource to you that you have saved it as a favourite in your web browser?

Well think of social bookmarking as doing the same thing but on a much, much larger scale. Social bookmarking websites give internet users the opportunity to share their favourite websites with millions of other people around the world! They do this by building an online profile on a website such as stumbleupon. A bookmark and then be generated so that it can be viewed by other users and if you have strong website and popular content, then ‘hey presto’, it will be recommended to even more users!

The exciting thing about this method of link building is the fact that potentially millions of people can view your website. Plus, social bookmarking is looked on very favourably by the major search engines so it’s definitely worth looking into.

At add people we specialise in building social bookmarking links as part of your link building campaign. We manually create and source the social bookmarks, so that they are in a category that is relevant to your business. We then use these links as a method to increase traffic to your website.

Furthermore, if the search engines see that someone has taken the time to recommend your website to millions of other users around the world, then you must have a pretty good website right? Social bookmarking is about increasing your online exposure and brand awareness – something that add people have been helping businesses do for years!