How Many Ads Should I Have?

Advert writing on Google Adwords is an important part of a successful campaign. There are many questions and techniques with advert writing and several useful hints and tips to follow.

Although “click here” is not allowed on adverts, Google recommends a call to action phrase is an essential part of any advertisement. This can be “Order Online”, “Buy Now”, “Call Today”, or “Contact Us” etc., depending on the purpose of the website. It should be mentioned that as the customer has gone online you would hope that you can perform some kind of action on the website even if it is just a simple call back form.

There are debates as to whether phone numbers and prices should be in the advert. If there is an outstanding price and you can order online, then I would say put the price in. If your USP is price, then again put the price in, however, if competitors have a lower price or you have another USP, price may be best left out. What to remember is a one click to buy purchase is rare on the internet. The beauty of online shopping is the ease of comparison and looking about so make sure your competitve advantage and USP is outlined on the site and in the advert.

Phone numbers again are a debate. Would someone type something in and then phone straight away without clicking the advert? If they did this would cause a low click through rate anyway and maybe affect quality score. An 0800 number would be appealing but again as the person has gone online it would be foolish to suggest they would phone without looking at the site or what was on offer.

On Adwords if you put 2 or 3 adverts up what happens is that Google serves the adverts equally until one gets a better click through rate wherein they start serving the better advert more. This rings true with its goal of getting the best and most appropriate adverts to the top.

So what you should do is test 2 or 3 messages until you start seeing the click through rate and which adverts are performing better. Then pause the poorly performing advert(s) and come up with more messages to test against the one that is working. If you keep doing that and also use varations of the advert(s) that are performing best you will soon see your click through rate increasing and the overall performance of your campaign should be improved.