How to Install Facebook’s New ‘Call to Action’ Button on Your Business Page

Next time you login to your Facebook business page you may notice something a little different.  In December last year Facebook launched their new ‘call to action’ buttons in the US and yesterday the new feature arrived in the UK too.

The new feature is only a very small change, but it’s potentially a powerful one.  It seems that Facebook is thinking about ways in which it can turn our business pages into more powerful lead generation tools rather than just content publishing platforms.  Of course the two often come hand in hand, but this new feature will make your page more user-friendly and encourage people to get in touch by making it easy for them to do so.  This being said, it is well worth taking a few minutes to login to your page and activate your call to action button.

It’s really easy to activate the button on your page.  Simply login and navigate to your business page and you should see a ‘create call to action’ button over your banner image and next to the share button.  (If you can’t see this button then keep checking back over the next week or two, the change has been rolled out to most pages but there are still a handful that are yet to receive the new feature.)
create call to action

When you click the button a box will pop up asking you to choose your call to action and include the URL of the page you wish to send visitors too.

There are 7 call to actions to choose from.  The ones most relevant to most small and medium sized businesses will be ‘shop now’, ‘book now’ and ‘contact us’.  Choose the most appropriate message and then enter the relevant URL that you want to send people to.  For example if your call to action is ‘contact us’ then copy and paste in the website address for the contact page on your business website.

create call to action 2

Now click the ‘next’ button.  It will ask you whether you wish to send mobile visitors to an app or a website.  Unless your business has developed its own mobile app just select ‘website’ for each option.  Finally click ‘create’ and you’re done!


Your new call to action button will be displayed at the top of your business page.

Don’t worry if your make a mistake or change your mind about where you want to send visitors, you can always edit or delete the button by hovering over it when you’re logged in and selecting the appropriate option.


Tip:  You can view how many people have clicked on your CTA in the stats bar on the right of your page when you’re logged in.  Once installed you will notice the new stats for your CTA button appear underneath the ‘page likes’ and ‘post reach’ stats as shown below.

cta 5