How to make the most of Christmas as a small business


Our recent post on big brand marketing at Christmas time got us thinking. It got us thinking more about what you can do this Christmas time to boost your business. It’s the most wonderful time of the year after all, and there are so many ways you can use it to create an impact on both your loyal and your potential customers.

Small businesses like yours don’t have to go creating a John Lewis or Burberry-type blockbuster advert to make the most of the festive season. The simplest things can make the difference, and they don’t even need to be that expensive either.

Here are our top tips on things you and your business can do this Christmas that could help make a difference:


Social media

Social media is a huge part of marketing, whatever time of year it is – but Christmas is something that pretty much everyone talks about and something that pretty much everyone loves. So, why not jump on the bandwagon? You can use this ever-popular topic to your advantage.

From simply giving your profile a more seasonal update through to creating well thought out social media campaigns, you can help to bring out the Christmas spirit in anyone, and that can be a magical thing for your brand.

Show them that you’re merry and you know it by keeping your pages updated with regular posts, with Christmas images, videos, memes and messages for everyone to enjoy. Engage with your followers, and find new people to follow you by getting involved with viral hashtags. Make the most of the polls that are available on Twitter and Facebook as well – everyone loves to get involved when it’s as simple as clicking a button. The list of things you can do on social media is pretty much endless, and it’s all in the name of boosting your brand.

twitter-christmasUse a range of social networks too – don’t just think it’s all about Twitter and Facebook. For example, have you ever considered Pinterest? Two things that get people’s Pinterest accounts blooming are weddings and Christmas. People go Pinterest-crazy at Christmas, or Pinterest-crazier-than-normal let’s just say.

Whether they’re pinning ideal Christmas gifts, Christmas crafts or Christmas décor, Pinterest-users all over will be pinning profusely. Use great imagery and the right tags, and your Pinterest page – and thus, your brand – can be seen worldwide. How about that, eh?

Competitions and giveaways

It’s the season of sharing and the season of giving, isn’t it? So why not arrange a competition, contest or giveaway for your customers? This can feature mainly on your social media, in your e-newsletter, or on your website, but then you can spread the word using any medium you can think of! It’s genius because, well, who doesn’t love winning free things?

Organising competitions or giveaways for your brand is a great way to build your fan base. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up brand with only 10 likes on Facebook or a well-established brand with over 40,000 likes, contests will help to boost that number. Plus, it will increase interaction and engagement with these fans too, which is never a bad thing for any company. What about organising a photo or video contest? It’s a win-win – everyone loves the idea of getting their five minutes of fame, and you get people talking about your brand.

It’s times like these when you’ve got to be extra thankful for social media platforms and their superpowers – they can get your marketing message out there so easily and so quickly, and in a way that just wasn’t possible before.

Reward your customers

christmas-giftsChristmas is the perfect time to treat your loyal customers with a bit of reward for being so great. One example could be a sale or
discount that is exclusive to them – this would not only bring you a little bit of extra business, but it will also let them know that you care about them. It will remind them why they bought from you and loved you in the first place!

If that idea doesn’t float your boat, you can do something as simple as sending out a holiday-related postcard in the post. You’ll have all your buyers’ postage details available on your system, so why not send your many happy returns this Christmas? That’s a nice little surprise for anyone, and every business wants happy customers.

Customised treats

Do you do online orders? Do you send out newsletters to your customers? Do you own a shop? Customised treats are one way to promote your brand in a way that people love. Getting a ‘little something extra’ is a phrase that attracts anyone. It can be (almost) anything and it’ll cheer someone up, whether you pop it in with their online order or put it next to the checkout in your shop. Go on, brighten someone’s day.

If you like the idea of handing out Love Hearts with your brand name on them but sweeties aren’t your forte, then you could look into arranging some sort of collaboration. Perhaps you’ve got a sweet shop down the road from your shop? This way, you are not only going to get a good deal with costs and promoting your company, but you’re also helping another small business out. The ideas don’t just stop at sweets either…

Email campaigns

santa-email-marketingSet up Christmas-specific email marketing campaign for your customers. Your emails can include anything from last-minute gift ideas to festive offers and sales. Don’t forget to be creative with your email subject lines – they’re so important. Make people want to open your emails and maybe even send them on to their friends and family members.

Not feeling too creative? Go for a pun. Who doesn’t love a pun? Okay, we’ll give you an example: “Yule love our offers”. No? “Check out our sale, it would be RUDEolph not to”. Don’t worry about thanking us for those, consider it a Christmas present.


If you own a shop, decorate it for the occasion! It only happens once a year, after all, so make the most of it. Get yourself, your staff and your customers embracing the Christmas spirit by putting up the tinsel, getting out the silly festive hats, and sticking on the Christmas tunes. This will boost the mood of both your workers and your customers, making them feel happy and very much welcome in your shop. I mean, who can resist singing along to a Christmas song?

If you’re an online business, there’s no need to feel left out. You can decorate your website and your email templates to suit the season too. You’d be a fool not to acknowledge the festive season in your look and your marketing. ‘Tis the season to build up your brand and build up your customer loyalty after all… oh, and to be jolly, of course.

So, how is your small business celebrating and making the most of Christmas this year?

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