Improve Your SEO with Google Webmasters Tools

Google Webmasters Tools is a free service provided by Google for website owners which gives us an insight into the visibility of our websites and how they are indexed. As a business owner this tool may seem similar to Google Analytics however they both are collecting different kinds of data and are both equally important when measuring the success of your website.

Webmasters Tools displays traffic for specific keywords and provides information about what Google robots see when they index your website while Analytics shows us how much traffic the website is getting, where it’s coming from and how visitors are using it.

Google Webmasters Tools is essential when doing SEO as it enables us to identify any problems that prevent the Google robots from accessing and indexing certain pages on a website. Using this great toolkit does not guarantee that a website will rank on page one however it will ensure that your website is indexed properly and this will hopefully boost your positions.

We have previously explained the features in this blog post “Google Tools Part 3: Google Webmaster Tools” but the 4 main functions are as follows.

  • Get a clear insight into how Google crawls and indexes your website which allows you to fix any on page issues
  • Discover what Google search queries are driving the most traffic to your website
  • Find out what and how many links are directed to your website.
  • Submit information such as sitemaps directly to Google so they know exactly what to index.

Google has recently added a new feature to Webmasters Tools that will make it even more useful for SEO savvy business owners.  This new feature is called “Manual Actions Viewer” can be found under the “Search Traffic” tab and allows you to discover when Google has taken a manual action against your website at any time. This new tool is part of Google on-going efforts to make website owners aware of the spam related issues affecting their website.

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