Product Descriptions

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Product Descriptions




Do you want your online products to stand out from the crowd?

Writing compelling, informative and unique product descriptions can help your ecommerce business increase sales.

Think of it this way. If a customer walks into a shop they can read the label themselves, but they may still need help deciding on a particular product – it is up to you as a merchant to give them enough information to make a buying decision.

Moreover, original product descriptions can help avoid Google’s so-called “Farmer algorithm” penalty, which affects retailers who copy product descriptions from competitors, or who use the exact descriptions suggested by suppliers.

At Add People, our professional team of copywriters provide our customers with a template brief designed to help us understand your target audience, and produce fresh, quality product descriptions that targets your customer demographic, speaks with authority and applies focus on bridging the gap from product facts to customer benefits.

Our services are bespoke exclusively to your needs and we don’t hang about, with our fees based on our commitment to deliver up to 15 product descriptions for you per hour.


Case Studies

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