It’s a funny thing social media

It’s all within the two words it makes up – social, and media. Being social means the connection that is made with friends, family or people that may become your friends. Media is a wide chasm of printed, visualised and voiced information from all sorts of sources, but more favourably, entertainment.

When it comes to business, these two words separated don’t really scream useful, but bring them together and you have a new generation of resource; the online generation.

Obviously there’s a lot of different levels of usage for social media. Today we’re going to discuss what to do if you’re completely new to this vibrant side of the internet, so we’ll start slow.

The biggest players in social media are Facebook, Twitter and YouYube, so it makes sense to be involved with all three, at the very least. Create a facebook profile, log in to Youtube and give some details about yourself, that sort of thing. Having a profile is the first step to visibility in social media.

It’s important that we spend time adding friends across all social media platforms too. Start with people you know, but try to expand your circle as best you can, to increase your visibility online.

The next step is creating interest. Are there ever any events, services or products that you think might be interesting for the outside world to see? Maybe how something is built, or how your team work together? The possibilities for telling people about these ‘behind the scenes’ events are endless, but start with something you feel you can handle.

The next bit is simple, but probably the most important. Take your idea, and blog it. Write about it on twitter and facebook. Upload a photo and attach that too. Record a video clip and upload it to YouTube. Basically – get your own content onto your profile, and give people a reason to look at your profiles.

Once you’ve connected to the social media world, don’t forget to share it. Send your videos to facebook, share your status updates  as tweets. These social media websites play well together, and need to take advantage of this. There’s a million and one sites like facebook, twitter and youtube, so think about branching out too.

In reality, these really are small steps in a big world of online interaction, but more importantly it’s a start. Having a profile on social media sites gives you access to a world of brands, companies but more importantly, customers. Ignoring social media really is like ignoring your customers – take it for granted, and you may regret it!